Keto Diet Whilst on Holidays

So you want to stay strict, brilliant, our kind of students! Of course if you want to let your hair down then read keto diet training while on holidays and keto diet alcohol. It’s a balancing act on holidays – fun vs protocol. But we think you can always do both.

It depends on how far from home you are. If you’re close it may just be ordering with no sauce, or no sugar in a drink. Either way keep your eyes open on your travels for places that serve the food you need. That way when it’s meal time it’s not a rush and stress to find the food you need. But to stay strict you need to find food and test it. What does that mean? Measure your numbers, eat the food, remeasure. Simple. Read here for keto diet blood ketone numbers. If it all comes up good then you’ve found something you can eat. Our recommendation – find it, and stick with it. Is staying in ketosis worth it over selecting heaps of different meals – yes, we believe it is. If you’re heading on a day trip or tour then grab that food or meal to go. Order a few.

Find meals that travel well and can be bought as take-away. Again the more you do this the quicker you’ll find it. You’ll find yourself subconsciously scanning around throughout the day without knowing it. Look for meals that can be eaten cold if necessary, or meals that can get warm if they are refrigerated.

Take your holiday emergency pack! What’s in this? Well it depends what protocol you’re following but it may loosely be something like: oil, keto snacks, keto treats, keto supplements. These are your go-to items to get those numbers back up if a meal has caused them to take a dive.


Fail to prepare. Prepare to fail. It doesn’t take long to pack a few more items in your luggage. Of course check to make sure you can take them. Liquids can’t be taken carry-on for flight but they can for luggage. Leave your left over items packed with your suitcase at home for next time if they’re non-perishable so you never forget them. If they are, leave a photo or a clean packet to remind you when you start packing next time.

Beyond the emergency kit you can pack foods and meals – see keto diet traveling. Happy Holidays!

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