Not All Keto Recipes are Keto Approved

Have you seen some fantastic recipes out there? Look great, taste great, too good to be true right? Well, maybe. The beauty of ketosis is that you can measure instantly whether a meal or snack met your plan. So definitely check and measure after. But let’s see how we can save ourselves the time and look at some common ingredients.

Fruits are full of sugar – we are meant to eat them seasonally after working hard to climb a tree or track them down. Having year round fruits at the deli counter is a long way from this. As such watch the keto diet fruit ingredients. Some are higher and lower in sugar. Again just measure afterwards – some people can have fruits and some react negatively to a lot of sugar.

Speaking of which recipes with sugar will cause a problem. Even stevia can trigger similar spikes. A few drops here and there may be ok but not spoonful’s. The secondary issue is that imitation sugar still causes the same reaction as sugar and keeps that sugar addition alive. So sometimes cold turkey on sugar is the best remedy.


Nuts are a funny one – everyone is different. But what is common is the quantity. Eating a whole homemade nutbar may be too many nuts. Naturally nuts are not shelled and packed for convenience. They were laborious to get into and required energy to source. Hence the quantities should be low. Some nuts are higher in fat than others so check that out.

Nut butters and honey can spike insulin. Perhaps this could be moved to the keto diet cheat meals section rather than regular recipes.

Flour and carbohydrates even almond flour etc can spike numbers. Some people are more resistant so check it out for yourself but if you are trying to narrow in on an ingredient keep these ones in mind.

We all love a great looking dish or recipe but just because it has the word keto in there it may not be the best to take on board. Check it for yourself.

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