Keto Diet Cheat Meals

Keto diet cheat meals that are full of sugar or carbohydrates will know you out of ketosis. The exception to this is CKD & TKD. If you save the slightly keto sweet treats for once offs they can become your cheat meals. At least that way the cheat meals are neutral at worse.

Here are some good examples of keto cheat meals. Remember the timing of cheat meals is also super important.

Keto fat bombs are great and easy to make. Check out our recipes on here. There are a few different versions. Try not to make these part of the everyday eating cycle but a great little dessert or snack.


Keto ice cream is another great one. It is even better when keto fat bombs are smashed in cold-rock style! This hits the spot for a great cheat meal!

Mug cake is a great one. It can be a bit dry so mixing in some of the keto ice cream sets it off. Or add some keto fat bombs as well and make a tower sundae!

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