Common questions:

Is there a minimum number of consultations?

Most clients have one live consultation and stay in touch from there. You will be given a few roadmaps so you don’t have to keep registering for the next step as you continue your keto journey.

How long does it take to work?

Getting into a state of ketosis varies depending on the state of your current metabolic condition. Some people are 5 days, some 5 weeks. But we know the benefits are not binary, benefits appear along the journey not just at the end. It is a sliding scale as you become more keto adapted.

Will this work?

It can’t not work IF it’s being measured and monitored the way we do. There is no guarantee of miracle cures but the path to get there can be measured at any time.

My protocol is different to my friends?

Everyone has a different history, current start point and goals, therefore the protocol varies.

What actually is Ketosis?

By definition; Ketosis is a state where our body burns stored fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.

I am switching from another diet; how does that work?

We can customise a transition plan to ensure the safest move.

I am on existing medication, is this safe?

In most cases natural ketosis seems to assist whilst under ailment or medication. However contact us first to discuss before submitting for a plan.

I don’t exercise at all, can I benefit from keto?

Mention this at the start and we can accommodate. You will have to be strict given nutrition is all we’ll have to maintain health and body composition.

I do nightshift, if is possible to follow a keto plan?

There are some changes to normal protocol, but clients have had success.

I have a pre-existing injury, so no training?

With the inflammatory nature of ketosis it can benefit injuries in some cases. A lot of ex-athletes are in the same boat and this is accommodated for.

Can I lose weight in two weeks and stop?

We like to see ketosis as a lifestyle more than a diet. Absolutely you can return to other eating habits at any time but past history has told us weight may return to the body’s previous habit. As such we don’t recommend this.

I’m a seasonal athlete, when should I start a new protocol?

We would not recommend a change to protocol mid-season or in finals. Off season or preseason gives us time to iron out any adjustments.

What is protocol?

Protocol is just our fancy word for “diet.” Because it’s more than diet, its lifestyle, enjoying eating, exercising with a purpose, measuring effects, understanding positive symptoms and enjoying the keto life.

What are positive symptoms?

Let’s face it, most people want to look good. So 99% of clients start with the goal of losing fat or gaining muscle. Positive symptoms are the side effects of ketosis, or the “art”. The extras you get with mental clarity, wellbeing, healthy habits, energy and alertness.