What’s guaranteed: When applied correctly the keto diet is guaranteed to be measureable and repeatable. This is a science, as well as an art.

What’s not guaranteed: instant fat loss, curing diseases, instant muscle gain, immediate mental clarity, increased endurance. Whilst these are the positive side effects of a well formulated ketogenic diet don’t believe all the hype. Every person is different and results vary in time and measurements. Of course constantly cheating and eating junk food will also affect results! But there are plenty of nice treats, fat bombs and ice cream recipes to follow.


Whilst a glucometer isn’t required, it is recommended. This is a self administered quick test. It is direct proof of what is happening in your system now

Measuring BMI is another way of tracking what’s going on. This includes fat, muscle, body fat %, BMR, bone mass and visceral fat.

Whilst each of these numbers alone is just a digit when put through our systems and tracking it can help narrow down any issues.


Bounce out of bed after staring at the alarm waiting for it to beep. When was the last time that happened!

Avoid the afternoon slump when those sugar insulin spikes wear off.

When are you hungy – morning, night?

Appetite tells us so much about what the body is doing and when. Is it in line with Circadian rhythms, or are we getting hungry at all the wrong times.

Sleep Quality and Dreams when recorded are super valuable. Yes a dream journal is handy – and that includes the guys!

Not dreaming? Not remembering dreams?

Interrupted sleep or sleeping right through?

Of course weight will be measured. Buy why? It shouldn’t be for cosmetic reasons (thought that is understandable). Weight gives a guide of how the body is resting, recovering and metabolising food to energy.

Mental Clarity

This is a huge one. The difference is often night and day when on the keto diet. Alertness and mental clarity are signs of keto adaption. We even get clients to do little quizs and repeate them later to see what has changed.

No more zombie mornings!

Keto Breath!

Yes it is true. And yes it sucks. Buy some sugar free mints and move along!

The breath is a very important measure. In fact before home blood test breath was a primary way of measuring ketones in the body.

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