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Best way to Measure Ketones (4/6/2016) - Best Way to Measure Ketones So what is the best way to measure ketones? Let’s look at the science. Ketostix It is important to know that Ketostix only measure acetoacetate. There are three types of ketones: acetate Acetoacetate and beta-hydroxybutyrate This is important when you are guiding yourself through your diet and training. In fact Read more about Best way to Measure Ketones[…]
Habit Forming (2/10/2016) - Any change is all about habit. It’s like the critical mass of your routine. Break through that and you’re on your way. Keto diet and lifestyle is no different. Form a habit and it’s set and forget. How long does a practice take before it is habit? Everyone’s different, but let’s focus on some tips Read more about Habit Forming[…]
Keto Diet Fun & Enjoyable (2/10/2016) - Whatever you do you’ve got to have fun! If you want a new routine to become habit you need to make it enjoyable. The keto diet and keto way of like is just that. But how do we get there? We’ll leave the food fun to the end as there are plenty of recipes and Read more about Keto Diet Fun & Enjoyable[…]
Keto Diet Training Whilst on Holidays (1/17/2016) - You hear us saying routine, routine, routine! But what about holidays? First we’d like to differentiate between holidays and travel. If you travel for work, pleasure or both then read keto diet traveling. Holidays are twice a year breaks away with friends and family (or however many you’re lucky enough to get!). Let’s break it Read more about Keto Diet Training Whilst on Holidays[…]
Keto Diet Traveller – Cebu (1/14/2016) - Recently I was on a diving trip to Cebu. Two weeks living on boats and beaches! Sounds great right? Until you measure your numbers and start looking for the quality foods found at home. Not to worry – as with all the locations, every region has it’s local delicacies. And that’s one great thing about Read more about Keto Diet Traveller – Cebu[…]
Keto Diet Whilst on Holidays (1/19/2016) - So you want to stay strict, brilliant, our kind of students! Of course if you want to let your hair down then read keto diet training while on holidays and keto diet alcohol. It’s a balancing act on holidays – fun vs protocol. But we think you can always do both. It depends on how Read more about Keto Diet Whilst on Holidays[…]
Why Keto Challenges Don’t Work (1/20/2016) - Keto Challenges don’t work; and neither do any diet “challenges.” Why? Because they are just that, a challenge. A short term annoyance you need to get through because there is a start date and an end date. We often use the word protocol instead of diet and this is the reason why. For any change Read more about Why Keto Challenges Don’t Work[…]