Best way to Measure Ketones

Best Way to Measure Ketones

So what is the best way to measure ketones? Let’s look at the science.


It is important to know that Ketostix only measure acetoacetate. There are three types of ketones:

  • acetate
  • Acetoacetate
  • and beta-hydroxybutyrate

This is important when you are guiding yourself through your diet and training. In fact – it came up in a Jimmy Moore presentation that he spent eight years on a ketogenic diet using Ketostix only to find a 0.3 on the glucometre. Ie no ketones at all.

Further – the Ketostix are measuring what is leaving your body. The waste. Not the fuel.


There are machines that measure Ketones in the breath but they never really advanced. Due to inaccuracies and popularity. Yes you get ‘keto breath’ but how much of that can be recorded into data? Well it hasn’t been conclusive. But it seems it sits around the level of the ketostix as a guide to guessing ketosis. UPDATE: There is a tool manufactured by a guy in Europe but I’m not sure how widely available it is.


Yes the strips aren’t cheap. Yes you have to prick your finger. Yes there is some blood. But how much time and money have you spent on supplements that don’t work, vitamins and e-books. Personal Trainers, gym fees and all the rest. $1 per strip (if you get them online) isn’t too bad. It is a good investment in my opinion.

I digress….Glucometres are the most accurate way to measure ketones. They are the best way to measure ketones.  This is direct from your blood sample. The blood that is in your body right now. Real time. We now have access to these machines and can self-measure. This is very powerful. So use it!

In conclusion the best way to measure ketones is via the glucometer.

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best way to measure ketones

best way to measure ketones