Keto Diet Training Whilst on Holidays

You hear us saying routine, routine, routine! But what about holidays? First we’d like to differentiate between holidays and travel. If you travel for work, pleasure or both then read keto diet traveling. Holidays are twice a year breaks away with friends and family (or however many you’re lucky enough to get!). Let’s break it up into training and food.


Your go-to-moves are going to be body weight exercises. If there’s a banging gym there and you’re staying at a Hard Rock Café then use the gym! Do your usual routine as close to the same time and intensity as possible. If not, find a small space and do your body weight exercises. This can be on a towel on the floor of the hotel, by the pool or a common area. If you’re following a split routine then train the body parts you would usually train that day. If it’s a quick trip and you’ve missed a few days just do a whole body routine. Things to remember – you won’t be able to perform. Not to your full potential anyway. Depending on how far away from home you are you wouldn’t have your normal routine so don’t smash yourself in the gym. Plus you tend to do other activities and walking/sightseeing so you want your energy for the fun stuff. If you’ve had a few drinks that will make a difference too. See our article on keto diet alcohol. Train light. Body weight exercises.



Depending on how far you travel you’ll usually find something on the menu to suit. In a new city or location just keep an eye out for what you can eat. Don’t leave it until meal time to go searching – this will eat into your holiday time (pardon the pun). So scan around throughout the day. Eventually you’ll find yourself doing this without noticing.

You can modify your meals by requesting certain things. Again depends how far from home you are (language barriers, lack of ingredients). But the good thing about the keto diet is it’s basic foods. So if you’re going remote or overseas you can source basic foods before they have been dressed up for dinner. Remember be respectful, ask politely. These people are handling your food!

If you want to fly under the radar then modify your own meals. Get a takeaway or room service and modify to suit. Or if you dine in ask if they mind you adding some ingredients. Be respectful of local customs (halal for example). We have cards we can provide you that explain the keto diet and what you are trying to do – so ask your keto coach for those. They are available in a few different languages.


If this is not possible and it’s going to affect your holiday then just chill out. Keep those stress levels down! Unlimitedly we recommend resting and enjoying the break. You’re not going to get the exact foods you need anyway. You may be camping, on a road trip or boat. Likewise you are not always going to get the desired timing of your meals, which we know from the keto diet protocol is just as important. There are buffet hours, tours, opening hours and a lot of things out of your control.

Instead, enjoy the opportunities that come up. There may be local traditions to join in like yoga, Thai chi or adventure sports. These will get the blood flowing and at least keep your metabolism ticking along.