Habit Forming

Any change is all about habit. It’s like the critical mass of your routine. Break through that and you’re on your way. Keto diet and lifestyle is no different. Form a habit and it’s set and forget. How long does a practice take before it is habit? Everyone’s different, but let’s focus on some tips that may work.

Setting reminders on the phone or calendar is a good way to start. Generally we find it takes three days to remember something regular. So once it’s routine take it off the reminder alerts freeing that up for more specific reminders if needed. The alerts are handy especially if they’re in your phone. Your phone is with you most of the time and it’s a quick ‘hey don’t forget to do this.’

Writing notes is handy, either in a diary, organiser or on post-it notes. Some people prefer to write notes as it helps with the memory process – see if that works for you.

Reminders on the keto diet or as a keto coach are especially important for one area – eating! Because the body is now fuelled by ketones instead of sugars the hunger cravings are gone. It is very easy to skip meals or intermittently fast. So reminders to eat come in handy. What a problem to have hey!

With training – first thing in the morning is a great routine that will become habit. If training is after work or on the way home things pop up. It might not always happen. Cortisol has dipped and you’ll be more fatigued than the mornings. Of course not everyone can make it in the morning but have a good look at your routine and see if you can make it work.

Packing the night before makes a huge difference. If you have the clothes and training bag laid out so you have to step over it in the morning you are half way there! Nothing worse than running around trying to find all your bits and pieces in the dark half asleep.

It’s so rewarding once a new habit become routine. It’s one less thing to worry about when it’s locked away and routine. You don’t have to spend any more energy on it. So while every change seems a bit much at first, within three days it will be like clockwork.