Keto Diet Fun & Enjoyable

Whatever you do you’ve got to have fun! If you want a new routine to become habit you need to make it enjoyable. The keto diet and keto way of like is just that. But how do we get there?

We’ll leave the food fun to the end as there are plenty of recipes and websites out there already. But as you know not all keto recipes are keto approved. Let’s start with training. Training includes resistance training, gym workouts, cardio, HIIT, yoga, meditation, visualisation and any remedial work. So how can training be fun?

If part of your keto protocol is resistance training then finding a buddy is a great start. This doesn’t have to be your BFF, just someone who has similar goals and can be at the gym the same time as you. Simple. Form a three way team if the schedules aren’t consistent. However, more than 3 and you’ll be in the gym all day training as a group hogging the equipment – don’t be that guy. It’s a great way to train with like-minded people and usually it just takes someone to get that network started. This will make it more fun.

If you train off hours, are a shift worker or don’t have a buddy; follow a program. Let’s not get into which one is best here but we find consistency and recordability trump the latest fad workouts. So pick something and stick to it short-term and measure from there. Have it in your head before you go, or write it on your hand (I know you’re not supposed to do that!) or use an App. The old fashion training book will never let you down. Following a program which is great fun and chart your progress.

Find somewhere friendly to train with. We’ve all been there – those gyms you walk into and everyone stares at the new person. But there are some good clubs and places out there. Having a network and chatting creates accountability and increases your habit to train. You might even find a buddy!

Team sports are a great tool if you are doing cardio. You’ve got the routine and dedication because you have to turn up and not let the team down. There is also an implied effort level required! Find something fun – a sport you are interested in or a group that makes that sport social and fun.

Visualisation is a great tool to get have fun with. This is a whole topic in itself but the fun aspect may just be having your favourite tunes in your ear. Get that awesome playlist sorted, charge your iPod and train away. What to visualise or focus on? Whatever works. For some it is the music, thinking back to past positive times, seeing results, feeling the endorphins. Figure out what works for you and if you’re trying hard not to look like a smiling crazy person then you’re on track!

So find your fun instead of grinding away and it might just be the piece you’re missing!