Keto Diet Traveling

keto-diet-travellingSo you’re travelling, nice! Or if you’re just on a short holiday read up on keto diet while on holidays. Now we know travelling isn’t all glamourous whether it is for work or play. But staying in ketosis and following the keto diet is easy.

If you’re in one spot for a few days get a standing order going. Get to know the chef or prep person. Explain what you need and they are usually happy to assist especially if you are a regular and smile! If you can’t and need to modify read keto diet training while on holiday.

Don’t rely on finding a happy chef. Pack some foods, ingredients and supplements. Again check any travel restrictions first. Oil is generally in the list of things for travelling. If you haven’t read it, read oils aint oils. This will definitely need to go in checked-in luggage not carry on if you are flying. Pack it well, don’t use glass, and where possible buy a new bottle so the seal is good. Ingredients include salt, pepper and stevia (if you have a sweet tooth). Supplements in small quantities travel ok and don’t attract attention. However if you are planning to pack a heap of pills or powder maybe get a travel note or Doctor’s note to assist at Immigration.

Pack tea if you have been recommend tea (by us). Tea travels well and it’s easy to get hot water on the road.

Utensils are a must. You may end up eating in your room or a park, adding bits to your meal. Take your own set. Again make sure the knife is in checked in baggage. Take a cheap set in case it gets confiscated, lost or too dirty from days of eating away from a kitchen (depending on where you’re travelling!)

Wet-wipes are your friend, even for the guys (just pack them at the bottom). You may need to use these to clean utensils, food, ingredients and of course your hands when travelling.

We’ve travelled on a few different diets and find the keto diet to be most accommodating. Hope these tips help your next trip.