Why Keto Challenges Don’t Work

Keto Challenges don’t work; and neither do any diet “challenges.” Why? Because they are just that, a challenge. A short term annoyance you need to get through because there is a start date and an end date. We often use the word protocol instead of diet and this is the reason why. For any change to work it needs to be medium to long term, easy to adopt and habit forming. At best a challenge may be endured for the 21 or 30 days – especially around the start of a new year! But what happens after that? The clock is off, the days are finished, and that endurance doesn’t seem like a long term plan. So it gets dropped. At worse – the challenge isn’t finished which feels even worse. We need to stop putting ourselves through this!


That said, sometimes challenges have their place. Motivation, networking and sharing ideas. It started out great. But try not to get too focused on starting different challenges every so often because it may not work (if it did you wouldn’t still be trying challenges). So take these positives out of challenges without the heartache, worry and stress. Try and take a few key points and apply them. You can’t change Rome in a day. Make some changes, measure it and adjust as needed. Otherwise you won’t be sure exactly what is working and making you feel great! We often refer to it as the Keto Diet Step Approach but it can be applied to any change in life.

If you’re getting results on a challenge then keep it up. If you do it long enough it may just become routine. If you’re finding it difficult don’t stress. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture.